Let’s Go Outside: The first, explanatory, post.

6 Mar
An example of what was facing us when we moved in.

An example of what was facing us when we moved in.

Early in 2012 we moved to the countryside. We being myself, my husband, my nine year old son and four year old daughter. The main aim was for more space, previously we lived on a modern housing estate near Milton Keynes, and we were drawn to this house by the three acres and the life the previous owners had. Three ducks, a few chickens and a dog running happily around and their son, kicking a rugby ball about in the field at the back. This was exactly what we wanted. A great deal of stress, negotiating and planning (new schools, finances, the usual house moving stuff) later, the house was ours. Now, some people thought we were mad. We very rarely went into our garden at our old house, and my husband works long hours, commuting to London a few days a week. I am a writer and was in the process of getting my freelance career off the ground and our two children had to start a brand new school. My daughter was going to be starting school for the very first time. We had no idea what we were going to do with the land – other than having space. But we thought, we don’t have to do anything with it right now. We’ve time to think about what we’d like to do with it. It didn’t occur to us that land can’t just sit there. It needs tending to.

What happens to the land if left just for a short while during the summer.

What happens to the land if left just for a short while during the summer.

Once the summer holidays were upon us, and we stopped commuting our son back to his old school, my son and I went on a chicken course. Holding that chicken in the sun, the stress of the house move and the very long school run, pretty much melted away. Surprisingly, chickens appear to be my thing. I adore them, their quirky little ways, the way they run, the way they sunbathe, the eggs they lay. And I enjoy looking after them. Picking their poop out of the coop, filling their water, scattering layers pellets, sprinkling some corn. I found life became very contended. So then I became ambitious. What next? More chickens, of course. But maybe pigs too. And trees, fruit trees and native trees. And what about bees?

Who knows what I’ll end up doing in the Great Outdoors. I’m learning every single day.

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