Let’s Go Outside: Ten laurels

15 Mar
Looking towards Hen Orchard.

Looking towards Hen Orchard.

Planting is quietly satisfying.

I never, ever thought I would say that.

Our land, the paddock and what we call the meadow (although I am not sure it is in the strictest sense of the word) neighbours a farmer’s field in the north, another paddock in the east and a neighbour’s garden in the west. The border consists of the same fencing all the way round. Two bars of wood and pig wire. It is therefore see-through.

Because three acres can be a little daunting we want to define our boundaries a bit more and close ourselves in. Make it cosy for want of a better word. We also want to provide protection from the north wind, block out the lights from the dual carriageway in the distance (and the sight of electric pylons), and provide shelter and interest for birds. Nineteen Scots Pine have been planted along the northern boundary. We will be adding to this over time so it creates a lovely spinney type area.

Today and yesterday I planted ten laurels along the west boundary. When we moved in last year this area was covered in nettles. (Well the entire meadow was!) I chose laurels because they are hardy and will grow in the shade (i.e under a tree), the rabbits will not munch the young plants as they’re poisonous to them plus they’re evergreen – providing privacy all year around. They also grow very quickly.

It is the first group of plants I’ve put in entirely on my own. The sense of achievement is huge.

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