Let’s Go Outside: 100 Trees

17 Apr

The trees in full bloom during the summer.

Since the middle of February 2013 we have planted 100 trees. Wow. I can’t believe it is triple figures.

It started with two hawthorn trees and a handful of silver birch, then the fruit trees, and a few trees around the orchard to protect the fruit from the cold winds. Then we went down to the end of the paddock, this has forty three trees alone, before coming back to the orchard and planting near the fence to create a haven for wild birds and bees. Then we fancied some hybrid poplar trees. I’m not even including in this figure some goat willow setts we set before Christmas or some conifers we’ve planted for fast-growing screening and backdrop. There is also twelve laurels, two cotoneasters, a magnolia and bamboo.

This was a project we hadn’t anticipated when we moved in towards the end of last spring. We were going to start it this November coming, but once I began with a few fruit trees, the tree websites became like an addiction. I’ve talked before what our aims are – many native trees, screening, coppicing for firewood, hiding and reducing noise from distant duel carriageway – and these aims haven’t changed. We are also very much aware that the elm trees we have will soon have to come down as they are succumbing to Dutch Elm disease. We also have two beautiful ash trees. I hope they don’t get ash dieback, but if they do I want other native or large specimen trees growing to replace them.

It seems a long time ago (although only about eight weeks) when I was watching the how-to videos on how to plant a tree. Now I could do it with my eyes closed. And, even though my back aches, my arms are sore, the house has been neglected, (as has my writing and the cooking and baking) I am so pleased we’ve done it and got it done just as spring is finally starting. The extra weeks of winter, unpleasant as they were, have actually been extremely helpful. It has given us that extra few weeks to get more in.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the planting project. But the fun isn’t over. Now we have to keep an eye on them, water if necessary (and it has been recently), keep the base free from weeds and ensure the rabbit protection stays put.

But I have to say, I’m going to enjoy just ‘pottering’ for a while.

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