Let’s Go Outside: Fruit tree beauty

5 May

It seems a long time ago when we dug the hole for our first tree. Now, some 100 trees later, we’re old hands at it, but I’ve been waiting and waiting for the first blossom to appear. The warmth of the last week or so has been wonderful for the fruit trees, although watering by us has been a must, and finally over the last few days I get rewarded for all our hard work.

Rivers Early Prolific Plum

Rivers Early Prolific Plum

Sunrise Apple

Sunrise Apple


Blenheim Orange Apple

Lord Lamborne Apple

Lord Lamborne Apple


2 Responses to “Let’s Go Outside: Fruit tree beauty”


  1. Tears for trees | Hen Orchard - June 10, 2013

    […] course, it isn’t all bad news. My fruit trees have blossomed and the fifty hedging plants are going well. My horse chestnut, field maple and sycamore are all […]

  2. The fruits of our labours… | Hen Orchard - June 27, 2013

    […] trees were one year maidens when we bought them back in February I didn’t expect to get any blossom, never mind fruit from them. Not all of them flowered, and on those that did some only had a couple […]

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