Let’s Go Outside: The fruits of our labours…

27 Jun

The year is marching on and the blossom from the apple trees has turned into actual real apples.Forgive my naivety and incredulousness here. See, I’ve always enjoyed apples but I’ve never picked one from a tree before  – well not that I can remember. So I’m rather excited that I’ve actually managed to grow one. As the trees were one year maidens when we bought them back in February I didn’t expect to get any blossom, never mind fruit from them. Not all of them flowered, and on those that did some only had a couple of flowers. I don’t even know if the apples on such a young tree will be edible but for a novice it is tremendously exciting and I’m thoroughly enjoying watching them grow and develop.

I’ve never been a patient person, and when the trees were first put in I was wishing time away (or at least I was wishing the cold winter away) so I could see them in their springtime glory. But as the time has passed I’ve become more patient and appreciate the changes and developments each tree is rewarding me.





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