Let’s Go Outside: Wildflower beauty

30 Jun

Sometimes I can dive into a project without thinking things through. When I decided to create a wildflower area in the meadow, because I wanted to give the bees something to feast on, I had no idea how hard is was going to be. I couldn’t just scatter the seeds in the grass and hope for the best. I had to clear the area of weeds, dig up turf and create a fine tilth of soil. Coming soon after we’d planted our one hundredth tree, and struggling with our clay soil that had never been dug, I did not have the energy. Instead I focused on a smaller area that didn’t have turf – just weeds to clear. It did mean, however, that I had rather too many packets of seeds. The advice was to mix the seeds with sand then sprinkle about – the sand showing where you’ve covered. I did that for the first packet – then the rest just threw about – thinking I was doing it finely. Of course I wasn’t – and the flowers have come up – those that could and weren’t fighting for space – thickly.

Despite this I am delighted with what is appearing. A few days ago I had one flower and every day more and more are opening. Already there is a low hum emanating from them as the insects fly about. I’m sure there were more bees though this time last year. I’m not seeing many at all at the moment.

And although I didn’t do much other than throw the seeds into the ground in a slapdash way, I feel a sense of pride at what I’ve created.

The seeds were various varieties from Sarah Raven’s Wildflower mix.






More pictures added 1st July 2013_DSC0035



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