Let’s Go Outside: From sewer to summer meadow.

25 Jul

There isn’t much colour in our garden. There is much green, and versions of green, but nothing else. We also have a klargester.

A what?

It’s like a septic tank, a sewage treatment in the garden. I won’t go into detail as, ugh, but the fact is, the tank leaves a bit of an eyesore. We’ve had various ideas as to how we could disguise it, but as it is our first year (or just over)  nothing has to be done in haste.

So this is what we’re left looking at, next to our patio.

P1250005A few weeks previously I made a small area out in the meadow for wild flowers and had a few packets left over. So, after removing the bark chips, I raked the area and sprinkled them on.  And these are the results.

Much better, eh?

As before, the seeds are the wildflower mix from Sarah Raven.






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