Let’s Go Outside: Sowing the seeds for new projects

8 Aug

There has been a subtle change in the weather over the last few mornings. The days are still hot but the mornings have been misty, with jewelled cobwebs and an autumnal chill in the air. The farmer has also started to harvest the field at the bottom of our paddock, the combine harvester moving slowly up and down the field, reaping what they have sown, tractors scurrying back and forth.

I love this time of year. I get a bit frustrated when it is too hot which is has been throughout July. It is nice to have, don’t get me wrong, but it stops me doing what I want to do outside (an enforced break, all for the best). The farmer’s harvest signifies new beginnings. Once he has harvested, next year’s crop gets sown soon after, once the field has been freshly ploughed. I like to think, after taking a bit of a break for family time and a brief holiday, that it is now time for me to sow the seeds for my next projects. Many of these projects are the same as before, but after my break I’ve got a fresh impetus to take them to another stage.

Over the last few weeks we’ve seen a few changes at Hen Orchard. The birth of a chick, the arrival of three (rather naughty) ducks and sadly, last night, the death of one of my Fat Ladies. This was a chicken rescued by my friend from a commercial farm, then given a retirement home here. I’d like to think she had a wonderful last few months.

Looking forward, over the next few months, we’ve got a few projects in mind.

  • On Saturday we are going to meet a potential new member of the family. I’m not saying too much at the moment until it is all signed, sealed and delivered. Don’t want to count my chickens…
  • At the end of this month we are hoping to give a bit of structure to the house garden. Again, not saying too much until it happens. (I’m not usually superstitious but when I want something badly I keep quiet just in case it doesn’t happen!)
  • We want to get the ducks sorted. At the moment they don’t know or trust us. We’ve had a couple of occasions where they haven’t come into their coop at night and I don’t want that to happen over winter. (The pond is too big and too deep for us to try and catch them.) So we are thinking of transferring them to the orchard and giving them a paddling pool (separated from the chickens by chicken wire). Just until we know they will come when called with food. Once they do, they can come back to the pond. But. We need to catch them first. The females will be ok, I think, but Neville is a different matter.
  • Trees. Yes, the bare-root season will start again from November and I’m already planning what to put in and where.
  • The wildflowers have been such a success I’m thinking of creating shapes with them further down from Hen Orchard. Turf will need to be lifted and then the soil ploughed.
  • Then I just need to write about it all – as well as writing up what has happened so far.

In the meantime, here are some current pictures of projects from the first half of the year…












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