Our (long awaited for) new addition.

6 Sep

I’m stood writing this in my kitchen, the scent of apple and vanilla wafting from the range, feeling my house, the house we bought last year in May, is starting to feel like my own at last. The reason why I’m standing is because I have no table in the kitchen, it has been moved to make way for the new puppy and her crate. We’ve had her since Saturday and what a rollercoaster it has been. Whining in the night, having accidents on the floor, ripping up newspaper. But she is gorgeous, has a fabulous temperament and in the six days since we’ve had her (she’s eight weeks old) she has grown in confidence, accepted her new family, stopped whining in the night, having less accidents and settled far better than we dared dream.

Her name is Ginny and she’s a yellow labrador. And she makes my house feel like a home.





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    […] at the beginning of August I spoke of new projects. One of them was the new puppy, Ginny, who has settled in very well. She likes to exasperate me and the cat likes to tease her which she […]

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