Let’s Go Outside: They may look like sticks now…

3 Mar

photoApparently it isn’t officially Spring until 20th of March but it is feeling considerably more and more spring-like. Every morning I walk around the field with the dog – and the cat – and examine the buds on the trees for signs of growth, for signs that soon there will be leaves. Seeing the willows bursting out their buds is quite exciting. We now have goat willow, cricket bat willow, hybrid willows, weeping willow, common osier willow, crack willow, scarlet willow and grey (pussy) willow all starting to show those first, treasured, signs of spring.

Despite the massive amount of trees I’ve planted, and this weekend I must have planted twenty or so more, our garden and field still looks one massive blob of green with a few twigs poked into it. With plastic wrapped around the bottom of these twigs to stop the rabbits nibbling. ¬†Because we have bought the trees as saplings it is going to take some time before they have grown large enough to show off their beauty.

So for now, I am delighting at every tiny sign of growth. This is such a lovely time of year. The promise and the anticipation of what is to come.


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