Let’s Go Outside: Spring’s occurring

1 Apr

Every day I’m walking around the garden to see what’s occurring. One minute a tree could have no signs of blossom, then the next, woomph, there it is. A tight little bud, with a beautiful hint of pink.

I’m excited about the pear and damson trees in particular. We bought them in the extended bareroot season last year – it was extended because of the cold weather – and therefore didn’t see any of their beauty. But this year, one of the pear trees, has beautiful pink buds. I think they’ll become white when open – it promises to be a glorious display for such a young tree. The apple tree, ‘Sunrise’, is also starting to show the promise of what is to come.

I’m very close to finishing the major projects I wanted to tackle during winter/early spring. Just some seeds to sow, an area to clear, some topsoil to order and shift, some more seeds to sow and possibly a few evergreen trees to move. Then things go into maintenance mode and I heave a massive sigh of relief.

The chickens are awaiting a spring clean. Both their houses and themselves. Some of them get very mucky over winter around the, um, bottom area, so I’ll give them a clean on a nice day, check them over for lice and leave them to preen in the warm sun. No doubt they’ll then have a dust bath and get mucky again, but it’ll be clean muck and not muck of their own making.


Langley Bullace Damson


Williams Bon Chretien Pear


Magnolia Stellata Rosea


Happy chickens enjoying the spring weather



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