Burnt Chocolate: Draft Two – Week Two

27 Nov

_DSC0008There is a lot of coffee being drunk here. As I mentioned in my last post, I have builders in and out the house at the moment, but I’m still managing to get some words down. Don’t ask me how. Actually I do know how. It is because of the Writing Retreat. I am still fired up and inspired. Without that retreat I would have used this time, whilst the house was in chaos, not to write. But I have to write. Because the novel is there fully formed in my head and I need to get it down before I lose the spark of it all.

So coffee is keeping me going. Admidst the noise of the drills, the banging and the crashing, and the blimmin’ dog wanting to go and see what’s happening all the time, I have managed to write 5280 words. I wrote a contract to myself to write 1000 words a day 5 days a week and so far I’m achieving that. Hopefully, as the house gets quieter, the word count will increase even more.

The post-its, by the way, are working out very well.

One Response to “Burnt Chocolate: Draft Two – Week Two”

  1. mrscarlielee November 27, 2014 at 1:20 pm #

    Yay! Keep going, keep going, keep going!

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