Am Writing: Inspiration from a Vintage Cake Plate

10 Dec

vintage plate

When my main character, Eve, sees a photograph of a Victoria sponge, oozing with jam and cream and nestled contentedly on a vintage plate on the front cover of a food magazine, she is taken back to her childhood. Eve’s nana, a huge presence in her life whilst growing up, had that exact same plate. And would use it to serve that exact same cake.

Food, particularly cake I feel, is extremely evocative of the past. Just one smell, one glimpse, one bite and it takes you back to a particular point in time. For many this is their childhood. Fairy cakes sprinkled with coconut remind me of my mamma’s house, lemon cake reminds me of my nana’s. Apple cake reminds me of my teenage years. Cherry scones is my mum.

I saw this cake plate today in a vintage shop. And I knew it was the one to feature in my novel. It’s a little small, but back when Eve’s grandmother baked, cakes were smaller.

The word count this past week has been paltry. But now, thanks to this plate, I’ve been inspired.


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